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 Ps3 Mass Performance PSN names

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Ps3 Mass Performance PSN names Empty
PostSubject: Ps3 Mass Performance PSN names   Ps3 Mass Performance PSN names EmptySat Apr 09, 2011 1:09 am

Have a similar thread on the 240 forum I'm on, figured I'd start one on here.

Mine is ClaviusRx8
Right now playing Shift 2 Unleashed. Having a friendly competition with a fellow 240 owner over lap times on the D group tracks. At that low level its all about skill more so than raw power. He's using a S15 Silvia and me in a Rx-8 hehe.
I also play DCU at times.
Erm.. thats its I guess.

Oh if you friend me please make sure to just say MassPerformance Wink

Lata guys/gals

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Ps3 Mass Performance PSN names
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